Who are our Clients?

We would love to provide our Family Office Services to everyone. But we cannot. We do not engage in one-off mandates and prefer to build relationships with our clients that span many years.

Our Family Office Services are tailor-made and suit the needs of our clients. With that comes a fee for our services that starts in the five-figure range. It always depends, of course, on the specific task. But we want to avoid a situation where both parties come from different ends of the scale and then become disappointed. Hence, we state a very rough minimum we usually see in our line of work on our website.

Our ideal clients are usually very wealthy families with either their own family company or have recently had a liquidity event that brings specific challenges. Our first contact with a family is often through the second or third generation. We strongly advocate starting this process, if ever possible, already in the first generation. Our clients usually are very entrepreneurial and encourage the same from their children. Several asset managers manage the bankable family wealth, and multiple advisors in numerous jurisdictions help the family navigate complex tax and legal frameworks.