What is Abundance

We talk a lot about Abundance. What do we mean about this and how does this fit in with our holistic family office approach?

of Wealth

The abundance of Wealth describes your wealth in assets, both financial and intellectual properties.

of Time

Time is a limited resource. If you focus on what you are truly good at, you spend more and more time on activities that interest and invigorate you.

of Relationships

With our services, we establish, aid, and guide a family council. We have seen, time and again, the value of having a good team of advisors.

of Purpose

The Purpose goes hand in hand with Legacy. What do you and your family want to build for a long-lasting legacy?

At The Cecily Group, we all work in our areas of unique abilities, and we work with a passion for what we do.

“We help our clients to pass on Family Abundance to the Next Generation”

Nicholas Schwarz – Founder, CEO

Our Family Office Services

We offer a holistic approach to Family Office Services. We help our clients to pass on their family’s Abundance to the next generation. For this, we have developed our tools: a Financial Reporting tool that provides you with the necessary insight into the asset management conducted by external asset managers and various tools and processes to create and enhance a Family Council.

Our Services

Family Council

We provide families with the tools and support needed to set up and enhance their family councils. The services range from active support in family council meetings to the provision of multiple tools for the ideation and execution of initiatives with the family council along the four lines of Abundance of Wealth, Abundance of Time, Abundance of Relationships, and Abundance of Purpose.

Next to this we also provide training, coaching, and sound-boarding to family members on family council-related issues.

Financial Reporting

Our Financial Reporting provides you with the insights needed to rest assured that the asset managers are working effectively. Financial Reporting does not end with the presentation of a report. We actively seek out asset managers to gain from a process of constant improvement of returns and a lowering of risks. All while being consistent with your larger strategy and financial needs to fulfill your Purpose.

We do not engage ourselves in asset management so we can operate independently.

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We help our clients to pass on Family Abundance to the Next Generation